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La lotta contro la desertificazione

Il discorso tenuto del Ministro dell’Ambiente e del Turismo Hon. Pohamba Shifeta di Namibia il 17 maggio 2015 all’EXPO di Milano in occasione del seminario dell’ONU in merito al contrasto alla desertificazione mondiale.

No such thing as a free lunch – Invest in healthy soils

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Healthy and productive land is the starting point for the development of all of humankind. With the population of the world set to increase to 9 billion by 2050, the current state of our soils is deeply worrying.

It is estimated that 52% of the world’s land used for agriculture is moderately or severely affected by soil degradation. The loss of arable land is now estimated at 30-35 times the historical rate and is affecting some 1.5 billion people worldwide. A Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report from 2009 predicted that two-thirds of Africa’s arable land under use could be lost by 2025 if the trend of desertification and land degradation continues.

The impact of these trends on communities and their livelihoods is more striking in Africa and other developing countries than elsewhere in the world. Climate change and the increasing frequency of droughts make dryland countries even more vulnerable. Increasing food insecurity, hunger, and a descent into extreme poverty, as the potential for instability caused by migration and conflicts over resources are just some of the impacts we can expect.

L’Ambasciatrice di Namibia in visita a Milano

L’economia della Namibia è buona, stabile e in costante crescita. Il bilancio dello stato è in attivo e il debito pubblico è solo il 25 % del PIL.

Questo è quanto emerso durante gli incontri in occasione della visita a Milano dell’Ambasciatrice di Namibia Frieda Ithete, accompagnata dal primo segretario dell’Ambasciata Bernadette Iipinge e dal responsabile dell’ufficio commerciale Mohamed Saleh.

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