Namibia to spend $12.4 bln on projects in next five years

Namibia will invest 164 billion Namibian dollars ($12.44 billion) over the next five years on plans which include upgrading and revamping hospitals, and building water and energy infrastructure, President Hage Geingob said on Wednesday.

The investment package under a National Development Plan will be deployed on programmes and projects which also cover agriculture, technical and vocational training, and industrial development.


Lunedì 23 maggio 2016 dalle ore 14.30 alle 17.30, presso la Fondazione Stelline in Corso Magenta 61 a Milano, si svolge il seminario L’integrazione regionale: un passaggio essenziale per generare opportunità di investimento in Africa.

Secondo il rapporto della Banca Mondiale “Doing Business 2016” l’Africa SubSahariana nel periodo 2014/15 ha realizzato da sola il 30% delle riforme per migliorare il business climate.

Tra i primi dieci paesi in classifica, cinque si trovano nell’Africa Sub Sahariana. Le riforme hanno permesso maggiore accesso al credito, una più facile fornitura di elettricità e lo snellimento delle procedure burocratiche per la registrazione degli immobili e delle società. Ma per beneficiare appieno della crescita regionale e accedere a mercati più vasti bisogna anche costruire infrastrutture regionali più forti, specialmente per i quindici paesi africani che non hanno accesso al mare, creando corridoi di trasporto per permettere alla merce di raggiungere i mercati e le popolazioni. 

XXVI° Giorno Indipendenza Namibia, il discorso del Presidente His Excellency Dr. Hage Geingob

On this day, in 1990, our Founding Father, Comrade Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma, concluded his inaugural speech with the following remark, “I move in the name of the people, to declare that Namibia is forever free, sovereign and independent.” With these words, Comrade Nujoma paved the way for Namibia to begin its journey of Independence, which has resulted in over two decades of peace.

On this day in 2006, our second President, Comrade Hifikepunye Lukas Pohamba stood before us and declared, ”a new dawn has set on our beautiful country. Once again, we stand at the delicate moment when the nation pauses, takes a look at itself and recharges its energy and renews itself for the greater challenges that lie ahead. From this day onwards, our country will continue to coast towards the future as a united, democratic and prosperous nation.” With these words, Comrade Pohamba cemented the pathof stability. On this day in 2015, your third President in the form of yours truly said, “The nature of expectations is that the more they are met, the higher the level that is demanded. And rightly so. The overwhelming mandate given to the SWAPO Government and its Presidential candidate is a clear indication of the confidence my fellow citizens have in SWAPO and in me. It is also an indication of high expectations. After 25 years, people want food, clothing and shelter. 


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